Leni Andronicos

CEO, Logcast

Leni Andronicos is Co-founder and CEO at Logcast -- the next-generation voice streaming service with users in over 60 countries and growing. Earlier she spent 10 years helping start-ups & Fortune 500 brands connect with millions as a marketer. She has worked with top brands including American Express, Coca Cola, Spotify, eBay, Adidas, Audi, BMW, Samsung and others.

07:55 - 08:45 PM IST | Expert Talk - Podcasts

Thursday 10th Nov

How podcasts and voice platforms are transforming marketing for brands.

Unleash the power of podcasts and voice platforms for fueling up your brand's marketing in 2023 and beyond. Leni Andronicos, CEO at Logcast, dives deep into the future of audio as an experience for both creators and listeners. Know where audio is going next, dive into all the trends we are fiercely building toward at Logcast -- interactivity, new forms of discovery and how audio can borrow from mediums like TikTok.