Shantesh Row

Chief Creative Officer, Slant Advertising

Shantesh Row is a Partner and the Chief Creative Officer at Slant Agency Dubai. He has worked on a plethora of brands in India and the UAE across 25 years. Shantesh was recently ranked in the Top 200 LinkedIn Creators Globally by Favikon and is a strident voice on LinkedIn. He is also an Advisory Board Member and Masterclass Mentor, Miles SoBA- IIM Indore.

7:55 - 8:45 PM IST | Masterclass

Saturday 12th Nov

The art of storytelling in copywriting

Storytelling is an incredible way to capture attention, create emotion, and push customers to take action. But, why is storytelling so powerful? How can we use it to market products and business? Learn this and more in copywriting genius Shantesh Row's masterclass.