Tarun Jangid

Co-Founder & Merchandising Head, Utpatang

Tarun Jangid is Co-Founder and Merchandising Head at Utpatang. A self-driven entrepreneur with 11+ years of experience in marketing, merchandising, advertising, eCommerce and business development, he has a proven track record of building strong C-level relationships in varied industries like sports, music & entertainment, real estate, hospitality, and more.

09:40 - 10:30 PM IST | Expert Talk

Thursday 10th Nov

Using merchandising as a marketing tool

With 11+ years of merchandising experience, Tarun Jangid, Co-founder at Utpatang, walks you through retail merchandising as an affordable way to sell more product. Unlike paid tactics like traditional and digital marketing, and other active marketing efforts, merchandising is a low- or even no-cost tool. Learn about using merchandising in thoughtful and appropriate ways for marketing your business.