Marcel Garcia

CEO, Everest Marketing

Marcel García is the Founder and CEO of Everest Marketing and PPC Specialist. He specializes in real estate marketing. In just one year, Marcel went from being a freelancer to having a young and dynamic team of more than 20 people spread all over the world and working remotely. Based in Andalusia, Spain, Marcel has been passionate about online marketing since he was 13 years old.

8:50 - 9:30 PM IST | Masterclass

Saturday 12th Nov

Zapier Mastery: Copy These 4 Automations to Scale Your Agency In 2023

The success of an organization where the members of the company are located thousands of km apart from each other? AHA, now that’s something we’re all interested in hearing about! In this masterclass, Marcel Garcia, CEO of Everest Marketing, will tell you the all the tricks and tools that will allow you to organise a team (even if they are in the North Pole), systemise workflows and scale marketing campaigns while you are having a mango daiquiri on some remote beach in Bali.